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Welcome to Industrial Underworld . We have an appreciation for the unique, historical, unusual, and bizarre. We have scoured the world to bring to you a unique blend of art, furniture, oddities, and collectibles from our own collection that are for sale at reasonable prices. Bookmark this page, as we regularly update the website as we post our treasures. There are many other pieces available for sale that are not currently pictured on the website. It's best to make an appointment to view the items in person.

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Ultra rare 1878 Siebe Gorman Firemen's Rescue Smoke Mask Helmet & Bellow.This is an early Siebe Gorman smoke mask and wood, leather, and cast iron bellow. The helmet largely of toughened leather with simple safety/exhaust valve to top, makers plate, twin mica hinged square ports with securing pin. These full face helmets are very rare and found mostly in museum collections. It's signed on a brass plaque. It was manufactured by Siebe Gorman and Company, London England. The front has doors that swing open and use Mica to see through. The window frame is aluminum. Aluminum was a new and unique metal, durable, lightweight, and resistant to tarnishing. At the time, it was considered quite rare and valuable. These helmets would attach to a long hose that ran to a foot operated bellows. The fireman would then go into a smokey building to rescue those trapped within. The hose was his only air supply and lifeline. Signals were given by tugs on the hose....1 tug was for more air, 2 tugs less air and 3 was for help. This is one of the oldest examples we have offered. The patina and wear is amazing and shows a great deal of history. You had to be a real hero to go into the blaze with this.****UPDATE....The latest smoke helmet similar to this one sold at auction for a whopping $13,000. This is a great investment. Our Price....$3500

USSR Historical Cold War Cosmonaut High Altitude Helmet. This helmet is makes you feel like getting in your spacecraft and going on a voyage. It features Inner communication with internally wired earphones, oxygen delivery system, retractable sun visor, and state of the art technology. These types of helmets were used for space training as well. These helmets were designed to take you to the edge of space, and deal with temperature changes, oxygen deprivation, and pressure changes. These helmets cost over $2000 to produce. This is not a model, reproduction or movie prop. This is a real thing which was designed for real USSR comrades. The stand is not included. Our price is $500.



Circa 1850 Handmade Boroad Axe. Our Price $120.

Vintage Groucho Marx Ventriloquist Dummy with Biographical Book. Price $60

19th Century Benin Warrior 19" Bronze Statue....PRICE $240

Rare 1922 Manually Propelled Aeroplane Invention Patent.

Price $100

Most of these patents were destroyed after the government decided to scan them and save them on the U.S. government patent database. Only a few original patents have survived and I was lucky enough to buy a few of them a few years ago from a friend (who is employed by the US Patent Office in Virginia) who salvaged them from being recycled/destroyed. You can buy reproductions, but I am yet to find original patents on the market. Extremely rare historical documents. Patents have been mounted on acid free paper and displayed in a beautiful wood frame.

"Soul Sister"- Original artwork by me. Nicely framed with salvaged wood frame. 23" by 19". PRICE $100

"Jagger- Sympathy for the Devil"- Original artwork by me. Nicely framed with salvaged wood frame. 23" by 19". PRICE $80

19th Century Shipmen's Axe. Price $120

Stark Industries Metal Helmets (Limited Editions).

Price $180 each

Rare Vintage European Smoke Helmet Circa 1970's....Price $100

"Purple Haze"- Original artwork by me. Nicely framed with salvaged wood frame. 23" by 19". PRICE $130